Pease virtual tour

Pease AFB, New Hampshire closed in 1991 and has since become the Pease International Tradeport under the administration of the Pease Development Authority (PDA). Of all the military installations that have closed in the past ten years, Pease may be the most thoroughly redeveloped. In many areas of this former SAC base it would not be possible to tell that this was a military installation.

Most of the photographs making up the tour were taken in July 1999 and were used to make a slide briefing for the FB-111A reunion at Warner-Robbins, Georgia. Where needed I have taken more recent photographs to indicate progress. These more recent photographs are clearly identified.

Certainly everything was not photographed. I tried to select the places that I believed would be of the greatest general interest. Many thanks to MSgt. Mike Kaplan of Aviano AB, Italy, who scanned a large number of 35MM slides thus making this segment and others possible. As your Assistant Webmaster (and Tour Guide), I'd appreciate any comments you might have on this segment. Did I miss something important to you? Would you like us to make similar tours at other bases? Which ones? You may address your comments to me, or to our Webmaster,

For your convenience, I have broken the tour down by 'neighborhoods' as follows:

1.  Main Gate area.

2.  Housing/O'Club area.

3.  Base Exchange/Wing Headquarters area.

4.  Alert area and Southern Main Ramp

5.  Maintenance and the Central Main Ramp

6.  Air National Guard area and Weapons Storage area

After you have taken this virtual tour of Pease, don't forget to take the updated tour with more photos from Pease.

Visit the official website of the Pease Development Authority.

See an aerial map of Pease AFB. (DVIC)