99th Strategic Weapons Wing

In August 1989, Strategic Air Command activated the Gen. Curtis E. LeMay Strategic Warfare Center (SWC) as the 99th Strategic Weapons Wing. Located at Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota, the wing was officially activated on August 10, 1989 with a simple purpose; to teach aircrews to get the most of their aircraft. When the SWC became fully operational in 1992, it consisted of six main activities; the tactics and intelligence directorates, the Strategic Training Center, the 1st Electronic Combat Range Group, and aircraft maintenance support. The SWC comprised three main branches. Tactics, previously taught at the SAC Tactics School at Nellis AFB, Nev., The Strategic Weapons School and the Strategic Training Center. Actual air training was conducted by the 25th Strategic Training Squadron. The squadron's main task was to design challenging scenarios for crews flying along the fourteen low-level training routes of the Strategic Training Route Complex (SRTC) and debrief crews to enhance their performance in weapons delivery and survivability. Crews deployed to Ellsworth AFB for training flew at least three sorties in the SRTC.

FB-111A from the 380th and 509th BMW deployed alternately to the Strategic Training Center for a one-week period. Maintenance for the FBs was provided by maintainers deployed from Plattsburgh and Pease, and assigned to the 28th CAMS under the 28th BW. The 28th CAMS was responsible for maintaining the FB-111A and the B-52s deployed to the SWC while transient B-1B were handled by the 28th OMS

The 99th Strategic Weapons Wing became the 99th Tactics and Training Wing in 1993. In October 1995, the 99th was deactivated and was reformed as the 99th Air Base Wing at Nellis AFB, Nev.

99th CAMS 99th SWW

Front row kneeling, from left to right: A1C Ivan Comlek-B shop, SSgt Steve Martinez-Crew Chief, SSgt ? Crew Chief, SRA Chuck Newman-C shop, TSgt Denise Weaver-Hydraulics, SSgt Al Longerbean-B shop, SSgt Glen Shaffer-Engines, TSgt Dan Collabelleta-Crew Chief.

Back row standing, from left to right: SSgt Tim Riddel-B shop, TSgt Mike Fiedler-Engines, SSgt Dan Sennett-Crew Chief, SSgt Billy Hare-Crew Chief, SRA Vinne Stone-Crew Chief, SSgt Dave Hickling- Crew Chief, Sra Wes Patterson-Engines, SSgt Paul Howe-A shop, SSgt Larry St Denis- Crew Chief, TSgt Paul Kespert-B shop, SSgt Al Tapley-A shop, SSgt Rich Maskell-A shop, TSgt Scott Schweger-C Shop, TSgt Steve Walker-Crew Chief, MSgt Chip Cahoon-Crew Chief, SSgt Dean Foster-B shop. Not pictured: SSgt Bill Weaver-Crew Chief, SRA Jamie St Denis-ECS

 (Photo via Scott Schweger)

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